What is Product Photography and Importance of Product Photography

Did you know that a Human brain reacts to an image in just 13 milliseconds? That’s  60,000 times faster than text!

So you can guess the time exactly you took to read that sentence then to imbibe the information that you would grab if viewed from an image.

Similarly in your online business, Product photos plays an important role that influences the purchase decision of many customers. The quality of images you upload the same perspective your online visitor would take to zero down on whether to buy your product or not.

In this article, we would explain to you how quality product photography is essential in your online shop and how with just minimal resources you can click and upload adequate product images to get going with your online store.

First, let us understand

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is the process of showcasing your products visually to your customers in such a way that it fills in the position of an actual salesman in your online store.

In an online store, you would have a long list of products along with categories. In such a situation, how would you explain to your customers how the product works or looks for that matter?

This is where Product Photography comes in.

Being a part of the product description, photography helps you in capturing the viewer’s attention instantly.

It would be easier to say that “ Photos speak louder than text

Now, let us know why it's important to click great pictures of your products.

To start off with a product photo shoot, it is very vital to understand what are your intentions behind clicking the photos like from the sales point of view or otherwise just to beautify your shop.

You need to set a standard point of view as to why you are clicking photos and what exactly you want to convey through your photos to your prospective visitors.

Secondly, there is no such rocket science, that you must be a master in photography. With minimal resources and some photography techniques, you can take good snaps of your products.

As an owner of your online shop, you just need three things i.e A proper coordinated background, A space with good lighting, and a mobile phone with a good camera quality or a DSLR (in case you have one).

Only with a good combination of the above three things which you happen to arrange then you are just one step away from clicking that camera button and uploading the pictures in your online store.

Importance of Product Photography

It connects the product and the customer who views it

When customers view a particular product online they tend to get attracted to the product image than to the description below. On the basis of the quality of the product photo, they perceive how the physical quality of the product would be.

That’s how significant it is, a good quality image can improve your product’s value in your customer’s mind and vice versa.

Images help to stand out in the minds of the customers

Product images leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

A good quality image must connect with the customer as soon as they land on the product page. They must be hooked in such a way that they get induced to explore the product from every angle and finally click that BUY button.

Similarly, if the product images are not up to the mark, customers will immediately leave if they did not like your product at first glance itself. First impressions stay with the customer and they make a more permanent impression than you’d think.

Product Images initiate Purchase decisions

For many buyers, pictures are the most important aspect of whether to buy or not) a particular product. For some, it is even more important than the price!

Even for those who do not decide solely based on the pictures whether to buy something or not, pictures still play an important role.It just comes down to this, a bad quality image leading to confusion and ultimately no sales.

It is always recommended that you shouldn’t leave your customer wondering what your product actually is and what it consists of.

Final Thoughts

Product photography plays an extremely essential role in determining the sales of a product.

You can master the art of photography from your home at a beginner level, with minimum equipment & effort and gradually you can move into a more professional level.

The prime objective of an image is to visualize the product and make it even more appealing when the customer visits the online store. An image should substitute the need of the customer to touch & feel the product, estimate the quality.

So now you are aware of what role product photography plays in your online shop and the minimal requirement to capture a beautiful product picture, you can finally get clicking!