FAQ - VistaShopee Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Anybody who is having any product or service to be offered and wants to multiply their business can start their business with VistaShopee.

VistaShopee has 5 different kinds of solutions that will help you in your journey from house business into business houses.

Here what you have to do:

-To match your own requirement, please find Plans. 

-Know more about your plans and compare them.

-Still have doubt or confusion ?  Contact us or E-mail us.

Set up can be done within a few hours depending on the number of products/services and the length of description you want to give about your Products/Services.

No set up cost will be charged by VistaShopee but our partners may charge you for services such as site designing, product photography, data entry, digital marketing etc.

To set up your business with VistaShopee you are not required to have your domain name. But if you are planning to have your own domain name it can be easily configured with VistaShopee.

You do not need to set up a payment gateway and still use any custom payment services like PayTM or GooglePay to receive your payments. But VistaShopee recommends and can help you to sign up with payment gateways.

VistaShopee already has 10 reputed pre-configured Indian payment gateways.

Ofcourse you ! You will receive payments from your customers directly to your payment gateway account with no commission or fees deducted by VistaShopee.

YES You can restrict your delivery area.

We know that few businesses like to deliver products in their preferred area. And we not just provide the method to do that but also connect seamlessly with instant hyperlocal delivery providers like WeFast. 

Yes sure you can accept payment from anyone worldwide with International payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe. And also deliver through courier like DHL, FedEx integrated via ShipRocket. 

We have a 3 Tier help available just for you .

-Through our training videos

-Call us on +91 9808198198 or email us on info@vistashopee.com

-Our partners in your area may help you but it might be chargeable.