What is Ecommerce and 6 Types of B2B Ecommerce

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is a business model that facilitates enterprises or individuals to conduct business through the electronic medium. It consists of commercial activities like buying and selling of goods or services. E-commerce also includes the sale and purchase of non-physical goods, such as services and digital products.

In simple terms, E-commerce is buying and selling which happens over the internet.

One interesting fact to know is that the history of the first E-commerce sales dates back to a man selling a CD to his friend on his website called NetMarket (An American Retail Platform) on August 11, 1994. 

This was the first example of a consumer purchasing a product from a business through the World Wide Web—or “e-commerce” as we commonly know it today.

Since then, E-commerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces. Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e-commerce, which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.

6 Types of B2B ecommerce models for you to consider before launching your online store.

1. For Home Businesses

If you are running a Home-based business, handling all the business activities all by yourself, then here’s a chance to reach out your products to every doorstep by simply going online which is made possible with VistaShopee - an easy and affordable platform to sell and showcase products online.

2. For Restaurant & Perishable Products

You are into a business like the food industry or perishable products where immediate/same-day deliveries are important then yes you can manage all this in your online Store with VistaShopee th e best e-Commerce solution for restaurants and the food industry.

3. For Startups

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs or switched over to new money-making options. So if you already run a business or if any business idea is going in your mind then, VistaShopee can make it possible to bring your business idea into reality by having your own website and app at affordable prices.

4. For Retailers

You are into retail business selling locally through the physical shop. E-commerce is a great opportunity for you to grow your orders by reaching customers present at every nook and corner.

5. For Wholesalers

Wholesalers or manufacturers sell products or services to other businesses. This model is often called as B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce and usually deals with products in Bulk with heavy discounts like electronics, chemicals, branded cosmetics and clothing, grocery, and more.

6. For Software Industry

Selling Digital products like software, distribution of license keys is made easy with e-commerce. You can sell any software with easily downloadable links and license keys delivered through email or SMS.  

All this is made possible at a very affordable cost with VistaShopee  - your perfect partner in your online business journey.

E-commerce is on the Rise 

Online Shopping Retail Sales in India 2019 - 2024

Source: Statista

According to Statista - Online shopping sales across India amounted to around 55 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. An estimate has been made that the sales to grow over 124 billion U.S.This means that the eCommerce market in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Looking from a wider perspective the way technology and the internet has penetrated into India it is sure to know that there is no looking back when an eCommerce business is initiated.

Consumers make faster purchase decisions while scrolling products on their mobile phones. Therefore having an online presence in the form of a website or an app can go a long way in generating traffic and sales for any online business venture.


E-commerce is a proven business model that helps drive revenue growth for some of the world’s largest brands. By getting started with eCommerce, you can reach more customers online and significantly increase your business revenue.

If starting an eCommerce business is something on your mind. Make sure you do your research before you start, come up with a solid business plan, and then consider a good eCommerce platform like  VistaShopee , Shopify, or BigCommerce, if not a tech-savvy one to start to sell online.