VistaShopee V/s Dotpe: Which is Better for your Store?

Are you thinking of starting your online business? Not sure whether you should use VistaShopee or Dotpe?

As a business owner, choosing the right eCommerce platform that fits your business requirements is very crucial for your success. Every eCommerce platform comes with its own pros & cons, this comparison blog will give a little bit of an idea of which eCommerce platform suits you the better.

Before we start, let's understand what makes these platforms stand out.

DotPe is a technology start-up providing a commerce and payments platform to offline enterprise businesses based in Gurgaon, India.

VistaShopee is the most affordable, manageable, flexible, presentable, marketable & expandable content-driven platform for any size of business in every industry to create websites & mobile apps to present or sell products or services. And even they are on their own platform, thus making it more transparent for you to make your eCommerce platform selection decision.


Dotpe is for any kind of business but not for any kind of industry. In simple terms, it does not let you sell certain products such as digital products like software, e-books,  courses, etc. Whereas VistaShopee is for every business from any industry, be it standard products like groceries, cakes, or clothes to digital products, electronics, and even personalizable products such as bouquets, mugs, etc.

Product Showcase

In an online world, Product images play a major role in driving customers from product viewing to product addition into the cart. Dotpe does not have various product showcase options apart from size and color type, lacking product understandability.

Whereas VistaShopee gives you In-built Product Showcase Tools to convince customers like you can add Multiple Product Photos and Videos showcasing your product from every angle. Explain your products in detail with attractive descriptions and information tabs.


Dotpe lets you make your store unique by choosing unique looks from a list of themes. But with VistaShopee you get to choose from an array of multiple themes. Each theme has multiple configurable colors to look unique and that match your brand’s tone. In this way, your website would get a different look and feel and will be much more appealing.


Dotpe lets you to keep offer prices on your products but you cannot explore more with discounts and offers which are the focal points for any customer to get induced to buy any product. Whereas with VistaShopee you can run a discount campaign with a dedicated banner within the site. Show MRP and offer price together and even set promo codes on selected products.

Payment Gateways

There is a limited selection of payment gateway in the case of Dotpe.

Whereas VistaShopee offers you a much wider range of payment options for both international (PayPal, Stripe) as well as national (Razor pay, CC    Avenue, PayU, InstaMojo, PayTM, Cashfree). With VistaShopee you even get pre-integrated payment gateways for a quick start.


VistaShopee offers a feature of setting billing and shipping addresses different for every order your customer places. This gives more importance to your customers to have a personalized cart experience.


VistaShopee provides a unique app called SMART(Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool for its users to multiply their revenue with their online shop.VistaShopee SMART App will be connected to your Online Shop and will help you and your Sales and Marketing Team to Create & Share Visiting Cards, Letters on Letterhead, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Price List, Quotation, Order, Invoice, Messages, and Social Media Posts.

If you are looking for something that is completely hassle-free and that is developed on the basis of growth and future security of your online business needs then VistaShopee is the best option to start selling online.