VistaShopee V/s Wix – Which is Best for your Online Business ?

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your online store can be a bit of a struggle, especially when all of the platforms are offering more or less the same features.

This comprehensive VistaShopee vs Wix comparison guide will help you evaluate both platforms and select one that meets your eCommerce requirements and that is easier to use and manage.


Wix is first and foremost a website builder that offers e-commerce functionality. Whereas, VistaShopee offers a complete eCommerce platform that helps you launch your online business quickly and successfully.


Wix is primarily considered for building basic content-based websites for users wishing to create blogs and other websites like conveying information or showcasing content. Wix is more suitable for small online stores and non - profit making businesses.

While VistaShopee believes in growth and excellence so we are always ready for you to go for that extra mile. No matter start small and grow big as per your business requirements our exclusive plans are designed for any business of any size.

Template Customization:

One demerit of Wix templates is that they can’t be changed or switched after you’ve selected one. This can create a problem if you want to rebrand your store later.

Here VistaShopee is the most flexible platform that it has an array of multiple themes and templates to choose from, each easily configurable with your brands tone giving you that different look and feel to your website.


Wix offers a storage capability ranging from 20GB to 50GB giving less space to explore for such business owners who want to widen their horizon of business. Wix is well-suited for low-volume sellers and VistaShopee is best for larger volume merchants looking to truly invest in e-commerce with Unlimited Storage.

Payment integration:

There is a limited selection of payment gateway in the case of Wix as it may not be suitable for Indian Businesses due to no Indian payment gateway integration options like Google Pay and PayTM.

Whereas VistaShopee offers a much wider range of payment options for both international (PayPal, Stripe) as well as national (Razorpay, CC Avenue, PayU, InstaMojo, PayTM, Cashfree)


In Wix, there’s no monthly payment system. Hence you are bound by yearly contractual payment. Whereas VistaShopeee provides monthly as well annual payment subscriptions where can end the subscription anytime you wish to & there won’t be any further charge.

Whether you’re just starting out today or looking to upscale your business, the right e-commerce solution you choose will not only meet your online requirements but also your customers.

Need a simple and fast way to launch your online business right now? No matter the size and type of industry now get VistaShopee – A Complete Solution for your Online Business!