VistaShopee V/S Dukaan

As we all know that the future is digital and eCommerce is the new way to do business. This is the reason why many shop owners, small business owners, home entrepreneurs, and more are trying to create their own online presence.

Now, if you are a newbie (to the business world) and planning to take your first step in the online direction, then it’s a good choice. While there are many e-commerce platforms available in the market, choose which is comfortable for your business and which is secure for the future.

Dukaan is a DIY platform that enables merchants, retailers, and others with zero programming skills to set up their very own eCommerce store using a smartphone.

VistaShopee is a newborn star with an aim to create stars in the e-commerce marketplace. It is a complete E-commerce solution that makes it easy for you to start your online business journey. 

Dukaan can be considered a good option as a great start for your online business. But if you are looking from a long-term point of view then you must give it a second thought. Here VistaShopee gets one extra point as VistaShopee is developed on the basis of growth and future security of your online business needs.

Now let’s talk about some comparable points that will help you make a wiser decision before stepping into the world of virtual business.

Product Showcase

In an online world, you do not have any salesperson that would educate customers about which product you offer or sell. 

Dukaan lets you show products with images added only up to 8 giving you a limited chance to explain your product in detail. While VistaShopee gives you In-built Product Showcase Tools to convince customers like you can add Multiple Product Photos and Videos showcasing your product from every angle. Explain your products in detail with attractive descriptions and information tabs.


Dukaan lets you make your store unique by choosing unique looks from a list of themes. But with VistaShopee you get to choose from an array of multiple themes. Each theme has multiple configurable colors to look unique and that matches with your brand’s tone. In this way, your website would get a different look and feel and will be much more appealing.


For your marketing efforts, Dukaan provides some plugins that you need to install thereby making your website much heavy to load and creating lagging issues.

VistaShopee understands that digital marketing is the need of the hour to expand and grow your business. So it gives you various inbuilt go-to features like SEO Tools such as Headers, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and Alt Text. Integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel makes it possible to analyze visitor behavior and remarketing to them. Social media handles make it easy for your customers to connect and follow you and even instant sharing of products and Blogs with Featured image increases your reach.

Transaction Charges

Dukaan takes a transaction fee for every transaction made by you ranging from 1.49% to 2.99%. While VistaShopee charges a flat fee with a monthly/yearly payment module and no other hidden charges.

SMART Application

VistaShopee provides a unique app called SMART(Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool for its users to multiply their revenue with their online shop.

VistaShopee SMART App will be connected to your Online Shop and will help you and your Sales and Marketing Team to Create & Share Visiting Cards, Letters on Letterhead, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Price List, Quotation, Order, Invoice, Messages, and Social Media Posts.

Hybrid Platform

VistaShopee is a platform that is not just limited to e-commerce(buy & sell process). But it is a hybrid platform suitable for any type of business whether you offer only services or both products as well as services it all goes well with VistaShopee.


VistaShopee believes in growth and excellence so we are there with you in your journey from tiny steps to larger leaps. No matter start small and grow big as per your business requirements, our exclusive plans are designed for every scale of business. And at the same time, it’s also designed for tech-savvy users (and maybe even developers) since it’s built for scaling businesses. The website can be further customized by modifying the HTML & CSS of the store.

Whether you’re just starting out today or looking to upscale your business, the right e-commerce solution you choose will not only meet your online requirements but also your customers.

We at VistaShopee will help you on your way to running a successful online store. With our easy to handle platform and various added benefits, you’ll be able to sell your products online with ease.