How to Write Attractive Product Description that Actually Sells

The customer is now on your page, looking for the perfect product that fits his/her need.

The very last step is convincing the customer to click the “add to cart” button.


With an appealing product description.

This means – the product description is one of the most important aspects of your online shop when it comes to conversion.

Having a good product description on your online shop is as important as having great images or a technically flawless website. A good product description not only improves the customer experience but also helps you to boost your sales with attractive product copy that actually sells.

Before we dive into how to write an attractive product description let’s define what is a Product Description - A product description is a form of marketing copy that provides all the information and details of your product on your e-commerce site.

In an online world, you do not have any salesman that would educate customers about which product you offer or sell. But an attractive product description that describes your product in detail with lucid language would make great sense to help you seal the deal with your online visitors.

How to Write an Attractive Product Description

Know Your Audience

The more you know your audience the better you will be able to write your product description. Good market research will help you to draft a buyer persona that will give you an idea of which individuals your online business is targeting.

Focus on Features and Benefits

A good product description should focus on the product’s features and benefits. Obviously, the features are a bit more clear and on point. The benefits will require a bit more creativity and understanding of your target audience. Don’t forget to use some powerful words like Absolute, Elegant. Remarkable, Amazing, that makes it more authentic and appealing.

Use Story-Telling

Once you get a clear idea about your target audience try to touch their emotional pain points. Customers are always on the look for a solution to their problem in the form of a product. Emotions always inspire a person to buy products that fit them.

Product Images & Videos

A good product copy merges well with the images of the product. Images give a closer look from every angle for the customers to visually get enticed to buy the product. And sometimes images don't do justice to your product, and that's where videos come into play. They are a great tool to show your product in use and even for a quick tutorial, apart from showing the product in 360°. They are very essential in your product description write-up. 

Make It Readable

Generally speaking, customers would get bored reading your long product descriptions. Our eyes are like scanners they read only those points that make sense to them. For this adding bullet points can do wonders, VistaShopee lets you sort out long descriptions into tabs where short and brief product explanations can be presented in bullet point form.

Make it SEO Friendly

Write your product description keeping in mind the right targeted keywords. From an SEO point of view infusing the right keywords will help your rank your page in the search engine results page. VistaShopee makes your SEO practices effortless with inbuilt SEO tools like Header tags and Meta Descriptions. Some keyword research tools like Ubersuggest will help you find out some amazing keywords.

Now VistaShopee makes it possible for you to skyrocket your business with your own website and a PWA app giving you the needed resource to make your mark in the online world.