VistaShopee V/S Shopify

Today online shopping has become more convenient than ever and so are many businesses are looking forward to going online.

If you have ever considered having your own online business, chances are you must be wondering which tool is the best for you to launch your online business on. While there are many e-commerce platforms available in the market, but choose which is comfortable for your business.

Shopify is considered a leading e-commerce platform with global users consisting of more than 1.7 million selling their products online.

Now let’s talk about VistaShopee

VistaShopee is a newborn star with an aim to create stars in the e-commerce market place. It is a complete e-commerce solution that helps the virtual seller by developing an online personality with their own website and app.

Shopify may be considered as a good option for the short term, but if you are looking from a long-term point of view then you must give it a second thought. Since Shopify proves to be a mismatch for the long term in budget-wise, ease of use as well as support wise.

We have come up with some comparable points that will help you make a wiser decision before stepping into the world of virtual business.

Indian for Indian

VistaShopee is a newborn Indian Startup all catered and understood Indian Business sense and requirements. Thus VistaShopee has created a specialized solution for Indian businesses.

Applicability to Every Business

VistaShopee is a one-stop solution for any type of online business needs. With VistaShopee you can sell any kind of product right from Standard products such as Groceries, Clothes, and Cakes to Digital products like Software and even Configurable, Personalizable products.

Ease of Implementation

Shopify may require you to have a little bit knowledge of coding language whereas VistaShopee provides you a very user-friendly WYSIWYG kind of HTML editor giving you complete control to design your page.

VistaShopee is a platform that beginners can rely on given its simple and reliable characteristics. It is so easy to set up your online store that no prior technical knowledge is required at all.


Plugins mean patch and when there is a patch there is always room for errors such as developer compatibility issues, Site lagging due to overload of plugins. With VistaShopee you don’t require any 3rd party plugins to get basic features for your online business such as SEO tools. VistaShopee comes with an inbuilt SEO feature like Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords to be added to every page. So now you can easily improve your organic traffic and SERP ranking with the use of these SEO tools.

Support during Implementation

VistaShopee is there for you at every checkpoint of your online business journey. It offers you their three-tier support system only for you 24/7. You can either go through their training videos which are available both on the website and on YouTube as well as you can call them on +91 9808198198 or email on

Even partners available in your area would be happy to help you. And the most interesting point to be noted is that if nothing works in your favor you are always welcome to attend FREE Online Webinar Everyday @ 5 PM and get your doubts solved in no time.


As VistaShopee is a complete e-commerce solution so we always have your back in your entire journey of online business. VistaShopee plans start with 499/- per month –flat fee without ANY HIDDEN CHARGES or COMMISSION, as and when your business grows further you can easily upgrade plan conveniently without any hidden cost of setup, premium plugins, extensions and hosting, etc.

Though Shopify starter plan beginning with 29$/ mo with 2.9% + 30 cents per online transaction is cheap to start but however seems to get expensive over time as your business grows you’ll be prompted to pay more for additional features and integrations.

Mobile Platform

VistaShopee makes it possible for you to be present in every customer’s mobile by having your own App. Customers prefer to make purchases from their mobile more often than from a website. Your App will be of the latest PWA technology which does not take much storage space in your customer’s mobile phone and it is suitable for both Android & iOS. Whereas Shopify does not offer a feature of you having a mobile store.


VistaShopee believes in growth and excellence so we are there with you in your journey from tiny steps to larger leaps. No matter start small and grow big as per your business requirements our exclusive plans are designed for every scale of business. And at the same time, it’s also designed for tech-savvy users (and maybe even developers) since it’s built for scaling businesses. The website can be further customized by modifying HTML & CSS of the store.

SMART Application 

The Biggest comparable point to be looked upon which Shopify does not offer is that VistaShopee provides a unique app called SMART(Sales, Marketing, Administrating & Relationship Tool for its users to multiply their revenue with their online shop.

VistaShopee SMART App will be connected to your Online Shop and will help you and your Sales and Marketing Team to Create & Share Visiting Cards, Letters on Letter Head, Flyers, Brochures, Catalogs, Price List, Quotation, Order, Invoice, Messages, and Social Media Posts.

Whether you’re just starting out today or looking to upscale your business, the right e-commerce solution you choose will not only meet your online requirements but also your customers.

Need a simple and fast way to launch your online business right now? Then Get VistaShopee – A Complete E-commerce Solution for you!